Benefits of Server-Side Scripting Web Application Development

Benefits of Server-Side Scripting Web Application Development

In technology, we go from limited use or functionality to a range of dynamic functions that benefit the end user. Currently, we do this by shifting our perspective from finite hardware capabilities to leveraging larger hardware environments.

Server-side scripting or server-side web development is one such technology where the scripts get executed on the server side. This eliminates the limitations of client-side scripting. The absence of required plugins, JavaScript, etc. will not hinder the performance of the website in server-side scripting.

Server-side scripting or server-side web development also comes with a lot of other benefits that enhance the user experience in ways listed below:

Faster Load Time

A faster load time is imperative for Google to rank your website on top, which also reduces bounce rate. Client-side executable scripts are dependant on the end user’s browser, computer power and sundry other hardware that may be limited in processing capabilities.

On the other hand, server-side scripting does not need plugins or scripts on the browser to run. So, it takes the stress off the users’ CPU and loads the website faster on the users’ browser, even though the browser may not have the required plugins. This ensures that websites load faster to provide a better user experience and a higher turnout of visitors ensuring higher productivity of your app or website.

Dynamic Websites

The key benefit in server-side scripting or server-side web development is the display of dynamic web pages by creating a static template. In E-Commerce, for example, creating static web pages for millions of products and displaying relevant product for each of your million users is almost impossible. No one can create these many pages and it doesn’t make economic sense either.

In server-side web development, we can create a set number of templates using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. and display relevant products for each user based on past habits. This has become a blessing for online e-commerce stores, subscription-based websites and social networks. All these websites use server-side scripting to display data to keep their users engaged.

Examples of Server-Side Scripting Websites

The biggest of Tech Titans worth billions of dollars all use server-side web development to serve dynamic pages to individual users. Each page viewed by each user will serve or display different sets of data to each user.

The best of examples include Google using server-side scripting to customize and predict search terms, Amazon to serve products that interest the user, Netflix for recommendations, Uber to process millions of requests in a large distributed system, etc.

PayPal, LinkedIn, Walmart, Yahoo, Microsoft, you name it. All of them use server-side scripting or server-side web application development to cater to the deep, profound and dynamic demands of their end users or customers.

Having said that, start-ups and medium sized enterprises can also scale and grow their businesses to new heights with the help of server-side scripting or web application development.

Server-side web application development using RTEs (Runtime Environments) like Node.Js can lead to a highly faster, efficient and lightweight browsing experience.

Server-side scripting enables personalized dynamic display of data simultaneously to millions of users across the globe.

Node.Js is the best runtime environment to develop server-side web applications. We are adept at leveraging the capabilities inherent in Node.Js to create web applications for your business. So,

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