Cyber Security

Transform your business success while safely
 mitigating risk and reducing threats

 Threat Level - Managed!

CyberSecurity Intelligence has never been more relevant than at this moment as the world continues to delve
 into the digital future. What does that mean for you? 

Twilight equips you with the tools to protect organisations of all sizes and types. Our team has the experience 
and skill to set up your online defence against digital and cyber threats. Trust us to deliver the best-in-class 
security services. 

Services We Offer

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance - Protecting your bottom line and reputation from data breaches or cyberattacks


  DevSecOps 360 approach to
DevOps security

The Triple Solution


Data Models

Reinforce your team with expertise from Twilight to create security audits, assessments, and reviews, develop threat management strategies, maintain compliance, capacity building and more.

Virtual DPO
Personnel skilled in developing and delivering end-to-end comprehensive risk assessments and management solutions focusing on information security and legal data privacy.

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