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​Optimize your retail business by providing an unmatched digital experience to your customers with our custom retail software development services.

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It is no huge mystery that customer trends and demands in retail are fast-paced and ever-changing. Furthermore, companies face fierce competition from emerging e-commerce platforms. As a result, it is critical for brands to maintain visibility and sales by being multifaceted and maximizing the use of technology.​

Twilight's extensive e-commerce and retail software development experience can be used to conceptualize and create custom applications. Create omnichannel solutions that help you solve inventory, data consistency, centralization, sales, and visibility issues while allowing you to adapt and grow seamlessly. Our retail software development team has been delivering ecommerce solutions that not only help you integrate business processes, but also use a data-driven approach to obtain detailed customer insights, increase sales, stay on top of industry trends, and use the most up-to-date UI UX approach for maximum customer satisfaction.


Our talented developers and analysts understand your business processes and pain points in order to develop software solutions such as custom POS systems, customer analytics, customer engagement systems, integration with ERP systems, and so on.

Custom E-commerce

Our talented developers and analysts understand your business processes and pain points in order to develop software solutions such as custom POS systems, customer analytics, customer engagement systems, integration with ERP systems, and so on.

Mobile Apps

Customers and retail employees can use mobile apps to make decisions on the go. We create mobile apps for eCommerce, POS, warehouse and inventory management, and other functions that help businesses run more efficiently and make better decisions.

POS for retails 


Whether you own a single store or a chain, point of sale (POS) has become an essential component of any retail operation. Our custom POS software solutions are responsible for product and inventory management, sales tracking reporting, branch transfer, customer loyalty management, and many other functions. We have provided POS solutions for retail stores, multi-location supermarkets, and restaurants, increasing their business efficiency.​

    • Secured Till Login
    • Price levels
    • Barcode integrations
    • Bank deposits & reconcilement
    • Easy product search 
    • Inventory management
    • Hold & retrieve the receipt
    • Warehouse module
    • Authorized Discount
    • Stocks movement

    • Multi-currency support
    • Shelf placement
    • Shift Management
    • Branch & Head office
    • Supports multiple printers 
    • Branch accounts
    • Preorder & deposit 
    • Merged account
    • Cash drawer & pickup
    • Cost Center

    • Refund & Credit notes​
    • Reporting​
    • Credit card & cash payment​
    • Promotions​
    • Offline sales 
    • Gift Vouchers​
    • Supplier Management
    • Loyalty Plans​
    • Purchase order​
    • Customer Loyalty​
    • Purchase refund​​
    • Route Sales​​
    • Wholesale Sales​​
    • Driver Management​​
    • Delivery and notice
    • Vehicles List​​
    • Payment & outstanding​
    • Stock issue &return​​
    • Customer ledger​​
    • Route Schedule​​

Ecommerce Web application

Ecommerce Store

Create integrated and feature-rich eCommerce systems for B2B or B2C businesses by customizing opensource solutions, which improves branding, online sales, and customer engagement.

Product Management

Create a powerful Product Management System that aids in product categorization, catalog image pricing, and product life cycle maintenance across all platforms.

Payment Solutions

Choose a third-party payment gateway and securely integrate it with an eCommerce platform. Customers should be allowed to use an e-wallet for faster and easier transactions.

Inventory Management 

Some features include ordering and inventory status management, warehouse integration, SKUs and barcodes, trends and inventory optimization, and stock notifications.


Centralize, manage, and track your SKUs, orders, packaging, shipping labels, shipping, tracking, pickups, and returns, among other things.

Integration with ERP 

When the rest of the systems are well integrated with the ERP, the process becomes faster, the window for error is reduced, and real-time data tracking across all departments is enabled.

Marketing & sales

Improve sales performance by managing CRM systems, marketing campaigns, customer trends, analytics, grievances, customer care, reporting, and so on more efficiently.

​Digital Marketing​

​Using AI, chatbots, and real-time personalization streamline your omnichannel marketing and customer service to provide a customer-centric and experience-led shopping experience.

Loyalty & Promotions

Manage festive sales promotions, customer loyalty programmes, and point generation based on sales reports, market trends analysis, customer purchase history, and so on.

Ecommerce Mobile Apps 

Mobile commerce is growing much faster than desktop and laptop commerce because shopping on the go is becoming the new norm. As a result, every successful ecommerce store has created a mobile app. However, simply developing a mobile app is insufficient. The app should be capable of providing an excellent customer experience, securing transactions, and increasing conversion rates.

Engaging UI

Choose the right UI/UX developers to create an interactive, seamless, engaging, and creative app. Our retail software development teams have created one-of-a-kind apps for a variety of industries and customers all over the world.

Ease of Use

Feature-rich, easy navigation and visuals help us create appealing as well scalable apps which let customers transact and browse through the layout in an effortless way.

        Retail & Ecommerce Case Studies 

As a retail and e-commerce development agency, we have discovered and analyzed the nitty-gritty of each project to achieve measurable results for the world's leading tech giants.

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