Guidelines of Mobile App UX Design in 2019 – III

Guidelines of Mobile App UX Design in 2019 – III

In our previous iterations, we discussed how mobile phones or apps will take an off-hands approach in disengaging users from being occupied with their phones.


Technologies like Machine Learning Voice-User Interfaces (VUIs) can execute a lot of commands, even when the user is not operating his phone by hand. However, a VUI is just where it’s all just beginning.


There will be software, hardware and infrastructural upgrades in the next couple of years. This will mean newer technologies that were considered hitherto impossible.


ML and AI in Apps


If you combine Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into apps, you will get your apps to predict your own behavior. The app will predict what you want to do at a particular moment by learning from your past habits.


The app will know when you want to listen to a song or which song you may like. So, it may play the song, when you are in a particular spot at a particular point of time.


You will, of course, be able to opt into this feature but AI-powered apps will, for sure, learn more about you, as you begin to use them. Just as Machine Learning apps serve you with recommendations, AI-powered apps can become more interactive and can even predict your moods and emotions through your voice, tone, etc.


AI and ML powered apps can have varied applications in future besides providing a rich and delightful user experience.


Identifying Text and Objects


Google Lens is a great app that can read, recognize and identify almost all the languages, text and objects it is shown through your phone camera. This is an important technology, as devices could not read text and images shown through the camera so far. So, cameras will come with text, images and object recognizing capabilities in the next few years.


So, while entering a field on your mobile phone, your mobile app itself will recognize the ID or numbers to fill in. It will also fetch addresses or names from receipts and invoices to fill.


Henceforth, it may not suffice for apps to just display images and objects. They should soon be able to read into them, identify them, classify them and make use of them, when needed.


Video Optimization


A lot of optimization has gone into text in the previous couple decades. The whole of the internet is full of text optimized content. Rising internet speeds and upgrades in hardware have led to a very high level of video production and display. So, videos certainly are the future.


Videos also have to be optimized in terms of file size, loading speeds, duration and orientation. If you intend to or need to use videos in your apps, a rich viewing experience within the screen size is definitely of huge importance.


Providing options of Standard Definition (SD), High-Definition (HD), Ultra HD and 4K resolutions will also help people with various types of hardware specifications access and enjoy your videos.


They should also be playable in both portrait and landscape modes. Now, Facebook allows users to enlarge the video by just dragging the video down, hiding the comments and other actionable areas.


Around 95% of the users also have a bias towards using their phones in portrait mode, as landscape mode makes it difficult to use the phone for other purposes. The user may feel a bit lost, if he is forced to watch the video in landscape mode.


So, videos will play a huge role in Mobile App UX Design in 2019 and later, although not all apps will require videos than simple cues, text, designs and symbols.


Mobile App UX Design in 2019 will leverage even more sophisticated technologies as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These technologies will help connect both the users and service providers even more closely with the thin veil of just a virtual interface between them.



Mobile App UX Design in 2019 will require the technical know-how, a keen sense of aesthetics and knowledge of hardware devices and their functionality.




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