If you are still finding and justifying the reasons to move your business mobile, then it means that still you have not realized the power of technology. Today Mobile Phones / Smartphones are man’s best companion and we interact with the virtual world through this handy device. Research has shown that the enterprise mobile app market is expecting a growth of $63 billion by 2020. In 2016, the average number of apps created by businesses was 11, a 126 percent increase on the number of apps developed.


Here are 4 basic reasons to adhere the importance of Mobile apps for your Business:


1. Never lose your potential customers at any cost:

The mobile device world is constantly evolving, and creating staggering opportunities. Be more visible to your customers and communicate with them at any time, no matter where they are by featuring your business over multiple platforms and also creating an unique space for your new potential customers to know about your brand who might have never stumbled across you originally. Thus Mobile apps makes new customer acquisition more simple and easier by presenting your Business across multichannel platforms

2. Nurture your Business Revenue:

By Mobile apps, as a powerful marketing channel, customer acquisition becomes more easier and quicker. With fresh and adequate customer database and increased engagement of your customer towards your app, it is time to start encouraging them to make a purchase. As you continue to engage with your mobile customers, by leveraging the mobile app marketing tools like push notifications and in-app messaging your revenue booms like anything.

Twilight IT solutions have empowered our clients Return on investment by enhancing their mobile presence by robust App development that has impressive features to attract and amaze customers. Twilight is specialized in developing ios, Android & Hybrid App development for all domains ie. Healthcare industry, Restaurants, Entertainment, Transportation & logistics, Education & Banking / Insurance.

3. Being ahead of the Competition

One of the biggest advantage of moving your Business Mobile is that all the information you provide to your customers is at their fingertips which is easily accessible. Thus your Brand is highly visible to your customers at all instances, which makes your customer retention process better than ever by contributing maximum to your brand awareness. When your brand is well established and on the peak then it shows that you are at the competitive edge. Mobile apps – The innovative and highly proven direct Marketing channel to be ahead of your competitors.

4. Redefine and Re Engineer Customer Loyalty

The intuitive and main goal for developing a Mobile App for your Business is to improve your Customer loyalty. By increased engagement and uninterrupted service to your customers through mobile apps, you create a sincere and true connection with your customers. Your customers turn into a loyal lover and prophet for your product / brand / service if all your mobile marketing efforts are streamlined. Twilight is specialized in understanding the current business trends and pulse of the customer and providing the optimal and feasible solutions that magnifies your Business possibilities by featured and cutting edge Mobility solutions that fosters your Brand equity and value.

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