HR SaaS Software for Small and Medium sized Businesses – Part II

Human Resources (HR) SaaS software has currently been used by many small to medium sized businesses in order to carry out all the important HR functions. To name a few, they include collecting and storing employee details, organizing the employee payroll, monitoring employee attendance, etc. So, let us discuss some of the top HR SaaS software suitable for small and medium sized businesses:


Namely is a cloud-based HR SaaS platform suitable for medium-sized businesses. It comes with a single panoramic system that includes five major modules, namely payroll, benefits, modern HR, time management and talent management.

Namely stores the employee details in a centralized location with the help of Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The best thing about this HR SaaS software is that it can easily fit into any sort of corporate or company culture.

It works well to sort out and ease the tedious processes of maintaining employee details, estimating allowances that correctly disclose the tax allowances and contributions towards benefits.

A company that uses Namely HR software can create many access levels clearly mentioning the roles and responsibilities for each level. Namely satisfies the needs and requirements of small and medium sized businesses with its adequate numbers of HR features.

“Springboard” on the left-hand side column has the complete list of functions that includes the employee profile, calendar, tasks, teams and so on.

Middle column displays the News Feed and the right-hand side column can be formatted in different ways to include details of departments or the team members of a project.

Pricing of Namely suits medium sized businesses better with $15-30 per employee per month plus a one-time implementation of $50-80 per employee.


Gusto, as an HR SaaS software, primarily focuses on small businesses. It offers the best of automation for payroll processing and delivers services to cater to the core HR services as time tracking, hiring, onboarding and training.

Gusto serves as a personalized employee database that can be accessed from any device. The advantage of using Gusto for small businesses is that it provides flexible navigation system with user friendly interface. The HR management is well organized with this Gusto, as it consolidates all the employee details in one place and this data can be modified, accessed or retrieved based on the needs of the employees.

Gusto offers training and support to the newly hired employees, as they may find it difficult to use the platform for the first time. It also offers guidance for investing in health insurance for the first time and this will get automatically integrated into the payroll.

Gusto offers three pricing plans namely core plan, complete plan and concierge plan. The pricing for the core plan is $39/month + $6/month per employee. The complete plan comes at $39/month + $12/month per employee. Finally, the concierge plan is priced around $149/month + $12/month per employee.

Stay tuned, as there is more to follow in the list of HR SaaS Software for small and medium businesses. Bookmark our page to help you navigate through to the best ones for your business.

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