Project Details

The primary vision of this project is to leverage the best & cutting-edge technology platforms to deliver scalable/robust software solutions that enhance Operational efficiency, Advance the community engagement and User experience factors, and help them achieve digital excellence. Arriving at a level of understanding of the proposed vision, Twilight has analysed the feasibilities and anticipated outcomes, thereby developing an exclusive platform that will reach the market by offering the Laptop Manufacturer company an intuitive web & mobile solution.

Solution Approach 

1. It should be more robust and scalable for users also hassle-free when upgrading to higher versions.

2. We need to delegate the Approval process to other managers in the absence of the Project engineer Head.

3. HR Tasks such as Overtime calculation, Attendance report, Settlement report, Analytics report between Employees, Manage Employees, Allowance, etc...

4. Report Generation for MFG Plant and workers

a. Attendance Report (Worker Registration as per authorized Staff of HR, GL, Admin, and Security)

b. Material Report (Material Register by Security as per authorized Staff)

c. Vehicle report (Visitor Register by Security as per authorized Staff)

5. A one-stop solution for Smart work Instruction, which is easy-to-use.

6. Stream digital work instructions videos through the Frontend UI.

7. Digital RTY - Bar chart to display Assembly, Debug, and Packing Failure

8. Assembly Failure - Update UWIP Assembly failure using Touch Monitor once UWIP is scanned

9. Assembly Solution - Update UWIP Assembly solution using Touch Monitor against UWIP barcode

10. Debug Failure - Update Debug failure using Touch Monitor once UWIP is scanned

11. Debug Solution - Update Debug Solution using Touch Monitor against UWIP barcode

12. Packing Failure - Update Packing Failure using Touch Monitor once UWIP is scanned

13. Packing Solution - Update Packing Solution using Touch Monitor against UWIP barcode


DotNet                                                                          SQLServer                                                                               Development Environment                                                                             Server

Challenges Encountered for the project 

1. The Client finds it cumbersome working with the existing ISO Application. Its performance and workflow are tangled, making the employee struggle to work seamlessly.

2. The front office security system deals with 50+ records and 20+ Reports that link with the complete security and management reports, and the data can't be retrieved in case of the register is lost/trashed. Moreover, since the HR person checks the outside records daily, the Security person must reach out to the HR desk and submit the Attendance report for cross verifications.

3. The company manually operates its routine Assembly line process by viewing the Hard copies pasted on each phase before assembling DT/NB products. The operator has no idea on the System to identify under which cater (notebook, desktop, tower) that System belongs. The exact process has been carried out throughout the Assembly, Package & Debug line to

complete the Installation. This is a painful process that consumes more time and impacts time delivery to the customer.

4. There is no Digital system in tracking/ pulling the reports on the defect failures.

Unique Properties

  •  The User Interface will be built on Angular, ensuring that the user experience is at its best and interactions are seamless with the Application.
  •  The backend will be on C#. Asp.net 4.5, an MVC framework, with Restful APIs for the mobile Application.
  • The platform will also have re-usable components such that it's easy to adopt this for future enhancements.
  • The user experience, workflow, and process will be carefully designed to Lenovo's unique expertise.
  • The platform will provide fast integration and flexible configuration to ensure the Application is scalable, High Performance, and easy to maintenance.
  • The platform will be hosted on Cloud or Lenovo Server and built for a distributed service stack with load balancing and high availability.
  • Provide accurate reports on the Employees, Materials & Vehicles based on duration.