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Project Details

The Health Care is used to manage the patient health records containing surgical planning information in format. In Portal when a patient case file is uploaded in Health Care System the file name will automatically appear in the Health Care Portal. The Portal is a web application that allows users to access functions using an SSL 256-bit encrypted web browser.

Users are authenticated and authorized in this application through a secured Nalpeiron API. Based on the role assigned, the user will have access to their assigned modules. After successful login, the user will be navigated to the unified login screen where they can choose Health Care Portal or ProPlan Portal depending on what the user is registered for.

Solution Approach 

 The Health Care Portal facilitates uploading and downloading of completed case files by Surgeons, Sales Reps, and Healthcare Engineers (are Engineers uploading completed files or should it be something else) based role and access privilege, Administrator functionality to manage user accounts and roles, and archive or delete case files, and it supports workflows for Surgeons, Sales Reps, Healthcare Engineers and Administrators.

The Health Care has administrator functionality to manage user accounts and roles, and to download, archive, and delete case files. The Portal also supports workflows for Surgeons, Sales Reps, and Engineers which include uploading and downloading completed case files, based on role and access privilege. Engineers review completed case files, provide segmentation support where needed, and interface with the Surgeons.


 Dot Net                                                            My SQL database                                                            Angular 10                                                            Azure                                                    

Challenges Encountered for the project 

Client wants an application that is robust and user-friendly for the users like Surgeons, Area Manager, Engineers, Admin able to monitor the cases from start to end and assign the resources incurred to complete the cases. Workflow automation should be in place for the users to trigger the alerts and notifications then and there to give an update to the users.

Unique Properties 

The unified login screen will be the Unique method used in this Project.