Alpha Fintech

Project Details

The client is an end-to-end middleware fintech marketplace built for an Australian fintech major that connects merchant buyers and vendor suppliers across the fintech spectrum. This was achieved by creating a hubthe AlphaHub, an entirely new solution category that simplifies and secures the global payments and transaction industry, acting as a neutral and central eco-system.

Through this solution, all parties in the value-chain (Banks, Merchants, and Product Providers) enable instant access to each other via one Omni-Commerce.

Solution Approach

  1.  1 API to any provider
  2.  1 Control Center
  3. 1 Data Stream & Warehouse
  4. 1 Reporting & Billing view
  5.  Orchestration Across All
  6.  New Integrations in weeks
  7.  Scheme compliance on us
  8.  Scale in seconds via Azure


Asp.Net core                                                                                Ang​ularJS                                                                                Mongo DB                                                                                      PostgreSQL

Challenges Encountered for the project

    1. 100’s of APIs to Connect to & Maintain
    2. Numerous Products & Interfaces
    3. Many Disparate Data Streams
    4. Non-Reconciled Billing & Reports
    5. Poor Product Interoperability
    6. Integration backlog
    7. Scheme compliance costs
    8. Limited Scalability
    9. What factual volumes does this handle – number of users, number of txns, amount of data received and sent, different types of data from multiple data         sources..?
    a. 10,000 users were created and logged in at the same time. The load was balanced and everyuser get logged in within 2 seconds.
    b. 1 million transactions were inserted in the DB and it was shown in the the front end within 3 seconds.

Unique Properties

  1. Eliminate margin of error caused by multiple systems and processes
  2. Abolish rip & replace, saving money and resources
  3. Slash chances of project failure accessing several best-in-class providers
  4. Reduce licensing fees with all providers now on SaaS
  5. Enhance employee collaboration across the transaction lifecycle
  6. Increase productivity & efficiency by eliminating redundant tasks
  7. Simplify servicing & support via one holistic architecture
  8. Minimize Upkeep costs maintaining just one system
  9. Strengthen IT Systems via greater consistency
  10. Improve Security using & protecting solely one highly calibrated tool
  11. Increase Scalability leveraging the Alpha Microsoft Azure Cloud
  12. Lower PCI expenses via just one system
  13. Accelerate decision time via vaster, better & easily accessible data
  14. Spot patterns easier via a single holistic view
  15. Increase sales via more tools to boost auth rates and cart conversion
  16. Accelerate growth upselling & cross-selling easily now via one system