Care Relay

Project Details

Caregiving on the go. Created to support you and your family as you coordinate and manage the care of your loved ones. As caregivers ourselves, we learned first-hand the toll of racing to complete tasks, keeping on top of medications, and coordinating a circle of care around a loved one.

The client wanted a hub and mobile app to organize the critical information needed to help manage the day-to-day care of loved ones. So we designed and developed a hub where caregivers can collaborate and communicate with other members in their circle of care, providing visibility into the daily life of your loved one.

This process relieves immediate stress and strain during caregiving. In addition, we aspire to improve members’ lives for decades to come as we grow with our community.

We are here for you on your care journey, as a caregiver or a patient.

Solution Approach 

Adding a patient’s medications and dosages, tracking prescription refills, and centralizing documents like wills and advanced directives is easy with a secure and centralized app.

A shared calendar allows everyone on the care team to see patient appointments. A chat function helps to discuss decisions, and partner apps make it easy to schedule care services


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Challenges Encountered for the project 

Caregivers told us they wanted to reduce their stress levels by easily sharing patient updates and communicating with the rest of their care team for help with medical visits and other tasks.

Your elderly has an appointment, and you need to book a cab. But how will we share the information between the cab, patient, and the caregiver?

Unique Properties


CareRelay can provide your loved ones with rides integrated into our app, Uber, which can request, manage, and pay for rides without requiring patients/loved ones to sign up for an Uber account from inside our CareRelay App.

Personal Support Workers

CareRelay partners with regional PSW providers to provide supportive care across the lifespan to individuals and families at various health and well-being levels across multiple care environments, including home, long-term, community, or hospital care settings.

Legal wills and power of attorney

CareRelay partners with Willful, who makes it simple to create a legal will online without visiting a lawyer. You can also get other essential documents for things like Medical Authorization Form, DNR, DNI.

Home Cleaning

Exclusively with Merry Maids, locations across the country, and over 35 years of experience cleaning homes. Integrated into our app for convenience, you get scheduling and real-time updates.

Rehab Occupational Therapy

CareRelay partners with regional OT providers who provide assessment, treatment, and education of patients with complex physical, cognitive, and behavioral needs