Chateau de Pommard 

Project Details

Our client has been running his family business for over 300 years from the fine wine country, and he decided to do something that makes the vineyard flourish for another 300 years. The client believes the wine is personal not only for the seller but also for the purchaser and decided to maintain his family ingredients and move forward by marking his vineyard in the digital globe. The result is a vintage that always reflects the best of Mother Nature's land but is created with our signature style, which emphasizes elegance, complexity, and length. Scientists call it chemistry. We call it wine making.

Solution Approach 

  1. One control center
  2. One reporting and Billing view 


Salesforce Lightning                                                    Eclipse                                                                                        IDE                                                                                                    SOQL

Challenges Encountered for the project 

1. Import his existing customers from Excel sheet to the system.

2. Customer requirement-based marketing email

3. Customer based suggestion list.

4. Manage the data to the stock list.

5. Respond system to the enquiries.

Unique Properties 

 1. Customer can book enquiries for wine tasting.

2. Customer shall receive offer emails.

3. The data saved from will be helping the client to sort the customer.