Project Details

We have built a comprehensive Software Cloud-based System designed to streamline the Customer Order Process and Internal Business Management Processes. The client has been running a Print and Embroidery business for a long time. But they got tired of the lack of good Digital tools to support their industry, so, with the help of our Full-stack team, we worked closely and understood the challenges and came up with a solution that could boost the business and make their customer life easy.

Our client customers enter orders into one portal, which automatically begins the Order process. Employees of my client will view the order & start the process of completing the order through a separate portal. The customers will have complete control and transparency over it all. Which effectively improves the function and Growth of the business.

Solution Approach 

  1.  Easy-Read Calendar
  2. Pricing Matrix
  3. Artwork Approval
  4. Robust Search
  5. Labor Tracking
  6. Modify Quotes
  7. Follow Orders
  8. Activity Feed
  9. Print Invoices
  10. Track Shipping
  11. Manage Companies & Contacts
  12. Communicate With Customers
  13. Customize Workflow
  14. Send & Receive Notifications
  15. Reports
  16. Payment Gateways
  17. Manage Taxes
  18. Rush Fee
  19. Ink Settings
  20.  Online Approve / Reject Artwork


Dotnet MVC                                                WordPress                                                PHP                                                            Ms SQL                                            Vultr server

Challenges Encountered for the project

1. The client is tired of endless paper works.

2. Unable to integrate his millions of employee and customer data into the system.

3. The customer has to switch different websites to track the process, Ex: Shipment tracking, Printing information, etc.,

4. You are missing much information in the email communication.

5. Complete summary reports on revenue, orders, and quotes

6. Place or Modify Quotes for Screen Printing and Embroidery jobs

7. Full Quotes, Invoicing, and Payment SystemPlace

8. Charges for Screen Printing and Embroidery jobs

9. Secure and Reliable Safeguards

10. Simple and Straight Forward Features

11. View / Modify Orders in both Calendar & List view

12. Complete Reporting For your Business

Unique Properties

This system is tailor-made for the Printing and embroidery industry. Using this software, the user can not just only create orders. He will upload and choose the artwork, and they can place his artwork in the cloth to check how his painting looks.

The customer could log in and check the progress on his orders, shipment, and even his previous orders.