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Hey there! to your newest group. Within 24 hours, experts and professionals are prepared to grow your team. We own and guarantee the effective completion of your project as part of our value proposition, which goes beyond simply developing teams.

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Why hire dedicated developers from Twilight?

  • Modernized technology and engineering methods are employed in the creation of cutting-edge software solutions for your company. DevOps methods, distributed microservices architecture, cloud-native technology, and other techniques are all examples of this.

  • Regular reporting : Understanding the status of a project is a worry for any customer, and Twilight takes care of it by providing daily or weekly information, depending on the client's preferences.

  • Guaranteed on-time delivery : We adhere to our commitment to completing projects on schedule so that the customer can launch products more quickly and gain a competitive edge.

  • Team with experience and expertise : When you work with us, you're in good hands. An experienced and highly qualified developer team will manage your project.

  • Many lines of communication : It's simple to get in touch with us for any questions. In addition to the project management tool, you can get in touch with us by phone, email, Slack, and other vital channels. Most importantly, though, we always respond to you right away.

  • Privacy and confidentiality : We place the highest significance on the privacy and confidentiality of data. To give you security and trust, we also execute an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

  • Dependable backup : System In order to ensure that crucial client data doesn't get lost in the event of unanticipated failures, our developers employ a 3-2-1 backup technique, which involves three copies of data (one original + two backups), two distinct storages, and one off-site copy.

  • One point of contact : We'll designate a lead for the development team if you hire our dedicated team. They make sure that everyone on the team is aligned and pursuing your company's objective.

  • Options for flexible hiring : When you choose our committed team of engineers, we guarantee flexibility in scaling and pricing. You can pick the option that best suits your company's needs.

  • Project monitoring in real time : With the project management system, you may monitor the status of your project in real time. You will be added to it, and you are welcome to contribute your perspective.

  • No spending on employee training : By hiring a dedicated team of developers, you may avoid spending a lot of time and money on hiring, training, and keeping internal staff.

Benefits of working with Twilight 

Specially chosen developers to provide you with agility

A dd world-class developers who have been thoroughly vetted to your team. Senior engineers that have worked on projects for Fortune 1000 businesses, prosperous startups, and well-known open-source contributors make up our team of developers.

We take care of all the components of identifying, screening, and selecting the best applicants that you lack the time, concentration, desire, and occasionally skill to complete. We can help you locate the top developers for the job whether you want to expand your current engineering team or create a brand-new standalone project.

Motivated developers with flexible contract

You get developers who take the initiative, never get stuck, and are constantly looking for ways to offer value and advance your project. When recruiting remotely, this is crucial because you frequently won't be present to keep them moving.

Developing a shared understanding

We have discovered over time that a greater level of understanding among all parties is THE most important aspect for initiatives to succeed. Our developers take the time to comprehend your procedures, user requirements, and, most crucially, corporate objectives.

IP security, ownership and licensing

Get full ownership of the software created by Twilight, allowing you to use and sell it as you see fit. Twilight insures your risks in order to safeguard and fulfill corporate commitments for our clients.

How we help you find the dedicated developer

Contact us about your project

Describe your project's needs and objectives to us in as much detail as possible.

Then, during a series of meetings, our technical staff gets to know you and learns about your business objectives, project, technology stack, and all the other specifics that characterize your technical needs.

Tech roadmap with a hiring plan

Depending on your objectives, we create a hiring strategy with a tech roadmap that specifies the knowledge and expertise that your team needs.

What tech stack to utilise and how to handle the project's technological difficulties are just a couple of the details covered in the comprehensive tech roadmap.

Finding talent that will meet your needs

We will start by delving deeply into our pool of talented, knowledgeable, and experienced developers. After that, we'll strive to match your needs with their skill sets in an effort to identify the ideal fit. However, if more talent is required, we will draw from our talent network and work with our partners to find the best candidates.

When we have candidates we like we give them a stage to showcase their communication skills and problem-solving ability through a series of video interviews.

Here, we're searching for individuals with a wide range of pertinent skill sets, well-documented code, and a systematic testing methodology.

Testing assignments to gauge abilities

Each developer is subjected to thorough small project tests. An automated coding exam is used to gauge their technical proficiency.

Together with general programming and algorithm skills, language-specific knowledge is prioritized.

Choosing and hiring

We do thorough client and employer reference checks on your behalf. To ensure that your IP is safeguarded, we sign an NDA and a legally binding contract.

Twilight takes pride in its speed; in most cases, our clients receive a short list of the best applicants within 24 to 72 hours.

How do you make sure we get the best dedicated developers? What is your developer vetting process?

Resumes and interviews are no longer sufficient for talent evaluation. When you recruit with us, you don't just hire based on resumes, in-person interviews, and other limited sources of information.

Compared to our rivals, we have a thorough vetting process. The technical, communication, and project management abilities of developers are evaluated.

Our screening procedure:

 1) We start by searching internally for the best candidates for you. In the event that we are unable to locate the ideal individual, we will search our talent network to see if we can find someone to work with you on a contract basis. To find candidates, we scout, organize campaigns, and rely on our recruitment power. We conduct the initial screening when we find prospects we like.

2) After that, we thoroughly examine their code samples and portfolios. Experts in each candidate's functional domain evaluate each applicant. Here, we're searching for individuals with innovative problem-solving abilities, highly relevant skill sets, a methodical testing approach, well-documented code, and knowledge of best practices.

3) If a candidate clears these, we then use an automated coding exam to assess each developer's technical knowledge. In addition to broad programming and algorithm expertise, candidates are also examined on their understanding of specific languages. A technical interview with a senior member of our engineering team is then scheduled to gauge their level of technical knowledge.

4) After that, we assess each applicant's capacity for overseeing a distant engagement. We search for traits that are important to each client, like good communication practices, dependability, estimated skills, and the capacity to prioritize.

Great communication skills are absolutely essential for anyone working on a dispersed team, and it is something that is clear from the very first encounters.

For more than ten years, we have collaborated with developers from more than 25 different nations. In addition to their technical skills, there are two more qualities we now hold to be essential in remote developers. They must communicate with assurance and take initiative.

5) Finally, we complete reference checks with their prior clients and employers on your behalf.

How do you succeed at working remotely?

It's challenging to lead a remote workforce. While attempting to utilize the enormous volumes of remote talent, there are serious errors that might be made.

Plenty of communication is the answer. Continuous communication ensures that there will never be any unexpected execution breaks.

The Twilight team joins your group and takes part in standup and scrum meetings, weekly demos, and weekly retrospectives

Hire Dedicated FAQS

Software consultants and IT companies use obsolete engagement and execution approaches. A problem with transparency is that you frequently have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Alternatively, if you work with us as a partner, we'll guarantee delivery on time, desired outcomes, openness, and real-time cooperation.Twilight always has our clients sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) since we likewise care about their privacy and confidentiality. We let our customers follow the development of their projects in real time. In addition, to give our clients a competitive edge, we employ the agile development methodology, contemporary development techniques, and the most recent industry standards.

Each person participates in a video chat to share what they are working on today and yesterday at our daily stand-up meetings. According to the Agile technique, each contributor is expected to go around and discuss what they are working on, what they will be working on, how long it will take them, whether there are any major roadblocks that could delay them, and how much bandwidth they have. The Tech Lead closely monitors these stand-ups.But, unstructured communication is not all that we use. The PPP (progress, plans, problems) methodology is used by all employees at Twilight and is also employed by businesses such as Facebook, Google, eBay, Skype, and others. PPP is used to describe developments, problems, ideas, and anything else relating to their task.

This one is simple: get everybody on a video chat, share screens, have people show their work, and then talk about it.

You all analyse what went well and what could have been improved based on the demo during a weekly retrospective.We conduct meetings in a lean manner. That is fantastic because it provides everyone a voice; as a result, democracy is now present in the growth process. You're still "the boss" but everybody now has some skin in the game. In a subsequent post, we will go into more detail about how this will assist your remote team's culture develop naturally.

The developers you hire will only work on your project and according to your conditions, and that is what we offer. If you engage a whole team of devoted developers, they will solely work on your project.

What if I am not satisfied with the developer's work?

In the odd event that you are unhappy with one of our developers, we will replace him or her with a member of our development team who has comparable talents. And certainly, you can do a thorough interview with the developer before hiring.