Hypnos is a self-learning, snore reduction sleep mask that analyzes & corrects snoring through gentle vibration & expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) in Real-Time.

Application Concept

Hupnos makes use of a treatment known as EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure). We’ve spent many months designing hardware and software that can bring EPAP technology to a fully-functional luxury sleep mask.

The mask uses a built-in accelerometer to monitor your movement as you sleep, track your snoring patterns, and automatically apply the sleep treatment known as EPAP to eliminate your snoring.

Combines 2 active components:

  • When App detects snoring while user sleeping on their back, via accelerometer built into the Sleep Mask, it delivers gentle vibrations to cue snorer to change position.
  • If snoring continues, EPAP increases through the valve in the mask’s silicone nosepiece, using own breath to open the airway, allowing quiet breathing.

What is Hupnos?

Hypnos is an intelligent sleep mask that analyzes your snoring habits and takes gentle steps to fix them. All you have to do is wear it and whenever the mask detects that you’re snoring, it will send gentle vibrations to the Hypnos Sleep Mask to cue you to change positions and open your airways.

The application contains

  • Admin Portal

  • Web Portal

  • iOS Native App

  • Android Native App

  • IoT Mask

Admin Portal & Web Portal

Through the Admin portal, the admin has master access to the data and can get the feedback of the users and support in user problems. The users can also log in to the web portal with limited access and watch their complete statistics in the browser window and adjust their settings.

Tech Stack

Frontend: Angular

Backend: Python Django

Database: MySQL

Hosting: Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Cluster

Android Native Application 

The Android App has been developed completely in Java with modularity in mind to incorporate future android releases.

Both The Mobile Apps incorporate

  • a real-time Audio Waveform analyzer and

  • a stand-alone self-learning Machine Learning Model

that runs without any server intervention. The App identifies the ambient noise, silence, and user snore sound with efficient energy usage and process power.

IOS Native Application

The iOS app has been developed completely in swift and the user experience is engineered to be easy to use and intuitive.

IOT Mask

The IoT Mask was our custom embedded solution based on Nordic semiconductors Bluetooth Low Energy Boards. The Mask has

  • A Vibration motor,

  • Nose piece Valve control,

  • Accelerometer & Gyro Sensor, and

  • A Rechargeable battery unit

The Mask is intuitively designed after tens of materials and design prototyping to provide the utility with comfort. The whole Mask is controlled by the mobile apps through Bluetooth at any given time in the app usage duration.

The Mobile app keeps track of the user's sleeping position, ambient audio levels, snore detection times, the EPAP solution applied times, and its effects in an informative and interactive graph.

The App also allows users to record their conditions before the night's sleep like medical conditions and eating habits for better insights into their sleep quality and the effectiveness of the Solutions.

The App also allows the users to record and track other sleep quality-inducing products or remedies, to understand and get insights on their sleeping habit changes in respect to the used products.