Project Details

  • The first one has the purpose to replicate the current workflow in a stable and robust way. The milestone to archive is to validate the software within September.
  •  During the second step, all must-have features must be implemented, as well as a series of nice-to-have that is less time consuming
  •  Finally, all the agreed nice-to-have should be implemented​

Solution Approach 

The Schemer Portal facilitates to create a patient with hospital then uploading and downloading of case files by Surgeons, Sales Reps, Designee and Engineers (are Engineers uploading completed files or should it be something else) based role and access privilege, Administrator functionality to manage user accounts and roles, and archive or delete case files, and it supports workflows for Surgeons, Sales Reps, Area Manager, Designee Engineers, and Administrators.

The Schemer has administrator functionality to manage user accounts and roles, and case details. The Portal also supports workflows for Surgeons, Sales Reps, and Engineers which include uploading and downloading completed case files, based on role and access privilege. Engineers can create the Phase Management for each case, then Area Manager can be able to approve the pricing policy of the case for both US and EU regions. The Review completed case files, provide segmentation support where needed, and interface with the Surgeons.


                                                                         1. Dot Net                                                           2. My SQL database                                                 3. Angular 10 

Challenges Encountered for the project 

Schemer told us they want an application that is robust and user-friendly for the users like Surgeons, Area Manager, Engineers, Consultants, Designee, Sales representatives, and Admin able to monitor the cases from start to end and assign the resources incurred to complete the cases. Workflow automation should be in place for the users to trigger the alerts and notifications then and there to give an update to the users.

Unique Properties 

The unified login screen will be the Unique method used in the Schemer Project.