Project Details

Our client is a highly experienced Information technology Consultant and Auditor for a leading international audit, tax, and advisory firm in 90+ countries and territories. For years, he assisted many organizations, believing in the idea of creating an IET (Invoice Extraction Tool) and converting it as his flagship product. By creating this platform, the client wanted his customers to not worry about the tax they pay for purchasing each product because an Invoice could save them by reimbursing a certain amount from the government.


  • Docusign
  • Sendgrid

  • Figma
  • Mongo DB
  • Hyperscience

Challenges Encountered for the project

  • Invoice Upload and Extraction

To validate the performance of the invoice upload and how the extraction tool manages to capture and extracts the data submitted from the Invoice, we uploaded a batch of 1000 invoices into the system to test the response and return time. However, all invoices were successfully delivered to the extraction tool with a turnaround time of three seconds for each Invoice to be uploaded and 1 minute for the extraction.

  •  How to intimate the Supplier if something misses in the Invoice to share with the government for the reimbursement

 It is natural to make mistakes. With our client's experience and knowledge in this profession, we worked closely with him to evaluate where there might be errors in the Invoice and which one will be the most crucial to address in terms of getting reimbursement from the government. As a result, the client has directed us to emphasize the RCP number and has given us the formula to check the RCP and derive the RCP if, in some circumstances, the RCP is not there. We developed a system to say with certainty that customers upload the Invoice, and if there is an essential concern after the extraction, our system detects it and send emails to the Supplier, asking him to rectify it and send a new copy of the Invoice to submit it to the government

Unique Properties 

  • They can upload and Manage all their invoices in one place.
  • They will get a refund for the uploaded Invoice.
  • Our client will take his share by Ads he does on the website
  • There is no additional fee for the auditor to get your money reimbursed.
  • Customers will be intimated at each stage regarding their Invoice status