Terrapay Openturf

Project Details

This global payment company is a licensed digital payments infrastructure and solution provider headquartered in Amsterdam. The company has been building an ever-expanding payments highway that empowers businesses with an uninterrupted, secure, and real-time global passage for every payment, however small or large. Registered and regulated across 15 international markets. This company is one of the leading global partners to the banks, mobile wallets, money transfer operators, merchants, and financial institutions, creating a rich payment ecosystem that supports diverse payment types and instruments. The company connects its partners to this deep-rooted global network, backed by solid compliance and security standards with a single integration.

Solution Aprroach 

  1. Initiating Payments:  Enabling adoption of diverse payment channels and instruments across regions.
  2. Instant Transfer: To bank accounts and mobile wallets across the world.
  3. Smallest Spends Simple solutions for universal payment needs, from top-ups  to international bill payments.
  4. Redefining Payments: Cashless transactions are made simpler with easy-to-use QR codes.
  5. Faster validation: Simplifying complex processes to safeguard our partners’ customers from security hazards and theft.
  6. Request to Pay: Facilitating specific and instant pay-in services for Wallets.
  7. Issuance: Pay-in and pay-out services for Wallets, IBANs, and Cards with quick and smooth transaction verification and completion.
  8. Collections & acquiring: Accelerates pay-in services with a single card for CNP & CPI, Bank Debit, and IBANs for merchant acceptance


1. Java

2. AngularJS

3. Mongo DB

4. PostgreSQL

5. AWS

Challenges Encountered for the project

  •  Despite the vision of a Digital Single Market, many regulations and taxes still vary by country, causing significant hurdles for online businesses transacting across Global
  • Ability to Accept New Payment Methods
  •  Enable no-code configuration for the developers who are looking to buy our services.
  •  Focus on providing excellent APIs, which will win over developers.
  •  Payment Processing Fees

Unique Properties 

  •  Competitive treasury and trade services
  • Smooth settlement process for businesses
  • Real-time credit in multiple currencies for faster payments
  •  Competitive pricing and API based FX rates
  • Reduced processing and delivery cost
  • End-to-end solutions for setting up consumer pricing and FX markup
  • Treasury and pricing control
  • Customized solutions
  • Single API integration to channel diverse payment types and instruments
  • Market-leading payment processing capacities per second
  • Faster go-to-market launch